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Excursion destinations

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Lathen is on the route of the Emsradweg. This bicyclepath with a lenght of 379 kilometer of Hövelhof to Emden is almost entirely flat and therefore very suitable for families with children. The surroundings of Lathen are very suitable for cycling!
MeppenMeppen (tourism)
Meppen is the district town of the administrative district "Emsland". The foundation walls of the town hall in the historical centre originate from the year 1408.
In Sögel you will find the former hunting lodge of Cologne's elector and archbishop Clemens August von Wittelsbach.
Schloss FuerstenauFuerstenau/Berge/Bippen
Fuerstenau is an interesting place to visit for many reasons. The village "Berge" is located in the northern part of the "Ankum-Fuerstenauer"- mountains. "Bippen" is an ancient village amidst one of the most beautiful forests and trail areas.
Historisch dorp CloppenburgCloppenburg
The historic village Cloppenburg is an open-air museum exhibiting 50 buildings that have been reconstructed in the style of the sixteenth to nineteenth century.
Meyer WerftPapenburg
Learn about cruise vessels made in Papenburg, about building highly-sophisticated ships and about the organization of one of the most modern shipyards in the world. By reservation you can visit one of the world's most modern yards, the Meyer Werft.
More MuseumGross Hesepe - More Museum
The Moor Museum exhibits tools and machines that were used to extract and process peat.
BorkumNorth Sea Islands
What about a day trip to one of the North Sea Islands, Borkum, Juist, Langeoog or Norderney?
AMISIACruise trip
Would you like to spend a few relaxing hours on the river Ems? In the summer the AMISIA passenger shipping line regularly offers several different cruises.
Fortress of BourtangeFortress of Bourtange (Netherlands)
Close to the Dutch border, in the beautiful province of Groningen, lies a unique place of interest: the Fortress of Bourtange. Bourtange is unique in every respect. Present and past go perfectly together in this beautiful by ramparts surrounded village.



Lathen and surroundings

Castle Clemenswerth

When you arrive you will see that all around Lathen there is plenty of nature. Emsland is a multi faceted region full of charm and culture of its own. Beautiful moors and heath land full of mystery, woodland and meadows, sites of historical interest and technological wonders- all here for the taking…..and everywhere CLEAN AIR!

Breath freely, enjoy your vacation time with riding trips in covered wagons, cruising in leisure boats, swimming or fishing surrounded by nature and a vast variety of bicycle and hiking trails that lead you to beautiful places.