Appartement en Bed & Breakfast Welcome Inn, Lathen, Duitsland Ferienwohnung und Bed & Breakfast Welcome Inn Lathen, Deutchland

Apartment and Bed & Breakfast "Welcome Inn": where hospitality is the norm!

Looking for a little bit more...?
Then come to Lathen and discover how much more it is with us!

Apartment and Bed & Breakfast Welcome Inn in LathenWelcome
It is our aim that our visitors feel very welcome when they stay with us, and leave with a satisfied feeling. If you like, a small-scale personal approach, "Welcome Inn" is an ideal place to stay. Experience the kind of relaxed and warm attention that will make you feel as if you are a pampered member of the family.
"Welcome Inn" is located just over the Dutch border in the Northwest of Lower Saxony, in beautiful Emsland, on the outskirts of the village of Lathen. You'll find we are ideally situated for your explorations and enjoyment of this charming region.

We can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children (from 6 years) in our apartment. For Bed & Breakfast we also have single and double rooms for rent on the second floor. These rooms come with a separate bathroom (shower/toilet).


Who we are

Monika, your hostess and Gerrit, your hostMonika, your hostess, worked as a nurse. Gerrit, your host, worked as a sales representative in the graphic industry.

Our motivation!
It was our dream, after Gerrit's retirement, to do something together.
For many years we did a lot of bicycle tours during our vacations. During these tours we received a lot of hospitality which we now want to share with our guests. The achieve our goal “to do something to make other people happy” we started an Apartment and Bed and Breakfast:

"Welcome Inn"




Welcome Inn

Emsstrasse, 8
49762 Lathen

+49 (0) 5933 92 33 10
+49 (0) 1520 89 93 367


Apartment and Bed & Breakfast Welcome Inn in Lathen


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